Welcome to our new web-site

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Welcome to our web-site

Hilipro UK Limited is launched in January 2018 with based office in Heanor, Debyshire, UK.
We are a proud reseller of Tailwind Stand for UK & US market and expanding our market to EU. We selling in US market through www.hilipro.com

We carry most of the Stands for Credit Card Machines and iPads - such as Ingenico, Verifone, Pax and apple. We also carry Universal FlexiGripe stand for any terminals that is not listed in our product line.

Our most popular stands in the UK are Verifone VX820, VX520, VX675, Ingenico iCT2XX, iPP3XX, iWL2XX, Lane5000, Pax S80, Spire PSc50, XAC8006 and FD40.

We also supply to reseller at our wholesale price.

If you need more info or need in bulk quanty, please contact us at: +44 (0) 1773-441-233 or E-Mail: hilipro.co.uk.

Thank you

Hilipro UK Limited


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